Bigger Bass Bonanza™

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Pragmatic Play’s Bigger Bass Bonanza™ at a Glance

Yet another highly successful title in the Big Bass franchise, Bigger Bass Bonanza is most definitely a slot casino enthusiasts should not miss out on! This funky little game has plenty to offer, from a fun aquatic theme to a jaw-dropping RTP of 96.7%. Reeling in both big fish and big wins, this title by Pragmatic Play can keep you entertained for days, especially if you land on that sweet, sweet jackpot!

Game Info


Bigger Bass Bonanza

Created by

Pragmatic Play

Game type



Fishing, aquatic


Web (Windows, MacOS), mobile (Android, iOS)










Lines pay

Left to right

Minimum bet

12 cents

Maximum bet

240 EUR


Free spins bonus


Bonus game










Free Demo


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Bigger Bass Bonanza: the Basics

Bigger Bass Bonanza takes the familiar fishing slots game and gives it a funky spin for maximum fun! No longer deep-sea fishing, players can now cast their lines off of a glistening urban shore in this new and upgraded version of the popular aquatic slot game. With even bigger money prizes and better odds for landing that tasty jackpot, Bigger Bass Bonanza is now more fun than ever!

Who Is Pragmatic Play?

Like the rest of the Big Bass franchise, this slot game was developed by Pragmatic Play. No longer a newcomer, this studio has been shaking things up in the online casino space for about a decade. It has delighted players with many fun titles, all with staggeringly high RTP and fun, enjoyable graphics, which you can confirm in the game’s free demo above.

The company’s games are enjoyed in many regions around the world. Their titles span various genres, including:

  • A variety of slots games like Bigger Bass Bonanza;
  • Sports betting games;
  • Classic casino games like bingo and many more!

Bigger Bass Bonanza Slot Fundamentals

Most fishing online slots try to go for the open waters theme, choosing settings such as tropical islands or pirate ships, for example. On the contrary, the Bigger Bass Bonanza slot offers a brand-new experience: fishing from within a glamorous, urban landscape. The innovative theme is paired with a fresh soundtrack for a truly novel feel, despite the familiar franchise.

What’s more, the money symbols have more generous yields too. Together with the high RTP, this slot has the highest big win potential out of all Big Bass slots. Just boot up the free demo above, and you’ll see what we mean!

What Games Is Pragmatic Play Known For?

As of 2023, Pragmatic Play has plenty of successful titles to its name. Its specialty being high RTP games, it’s no surprise that some of its most famous works are online slots such as:

  • Gates of Olympus
  • Big Bass Splash
  • Sweet Bonanza, and more.

How Does It Work?

Bigger Bass Bonanza

Even if you’ve never played an online slot before, there’s no need to panic! Bigger Bass Bonanza is quite simple to master. Though, that’s not to say it’s boring - quite the opposite! Inspired by classic slots games, Bigger Bass Bonanza consists of five reels of four rows each. Every reel is decorated with several symbols:

  • Letters (the cheaper symbols);
  • Differently-sized fish (a.k.a. money symbols);
  • Higher value symbols: a tackle box, bait, fishing rod, and boat;
  • Scatter symbol: if you have three or more lands on this symbol, you will enter a free spins round with 10, 15, or 20 free spins;
  • Wild symbol: this one only shows up during the free spins rounds to boost your max win and help you inch closer to a jackpot!

Note that while the wilds only show up during the free spins bonus rounds, they can trigger even more of those. Each time you get four or more wilds, you earn ten more free spins. How awesome is that? Of course, there’s a limit to this feature - it can go on for three rounds. But even so, it’s incredibly generous and makes playing Bigger Bass Bonanza a lot more fun than most online slots we’ve seen!

Plus, the RTP of this slot game measures at about 96.7%, which is one of the absolute highest in the casino industry. It can vary a bit, depending on your bets and settings, but on average, it stays at around 96%, keeping players happy.

Also, bear in mind this slot game has high volatility. As a result, according to Pragmatic Play, wins may occur less frequently. However, there’s a high variance between the rounds. So, even if you play only for a little bit, you have better odds of snatching a big win!

Bigger Bass Bonanza Game Symbols and Payout

Before you start playing this online slot for real money, we highly recommend checking out the free demo above. It’ll give you a clear idea of how the slots work - and you can see for yourself if the theme is to your liking. But if you don’t feel like wasting time on the demo, you can also take a quick look at the multiplier symbols and their respective payouts we’ve provided below.

Do you learn better through practice? You can always have fun with the Bigger Bass Bonanza free demo above! It uses virtual currency and is entirely safe to play. Thus, it offers a great way to learn the rules of the game without spending even a cent. It’s practically one never-ending free spins round, so you can play the demo to your heart’s content!

  • 5x - £60.00
  • 4x - £12.00
  • 3x - £2.40
  • 5x - £240.00
  • 4x - £24.00
  • 3x - £6.00
  • 2x - £0.60
  • 5x - £60.00
  • 4x - £12.00
  • 3x - £2.40
  • 5x - £120.00
  • 4x - £18.00
  • 3x - £3.60
  • 5x - Total Money Value Input
  • 4x - £6.00
  • 3x - £1.20
  • 5x - £12.00
  • 4x - £3.00
  • 3x - £0.60
  • 5x - £5.00
  • 4x - £1.00
  • 3x - £0.20
  • 5x - £10.00
  • 4x - £2.50
  • 3x - £0.20
  • 5x - £5.00
  • 4x - £1.00
  • 3x - £0.20
  • 5x - £5.00
  • 4x - £1.00
  • 3x - £0.20

Bigger Bass Bonanza Top Winning Strategies

Online slots are famous for their fun mechanics and high big win potential. But is there a winning strategy that is proven to work? Well, it’s worth remembering that slots are random. Not knowing when and how much you’d win is part of the fun! You never know - that mouth-watering jackpot might await you on your next spin!

But although we cannot offer you a tried-and-true strategy due to the randomness of online slots, we still got you covered! We’ve assembled a set of useful tips and tricks that can help you stay safe and have fun without any worries while you play in online casinos.

Why Choose the Casinos We Suggest?

Granted, there are plenty of online casinos around, many of them offering similar gambling conditions. That’s all the more reason why you should choose the companies we recommend!

Our meticulous team has looked in every corner of the Internet to scout the best online casinos around. We’ve compared them along a long list of essential criteria to ensure you get to enjoy the best betting environment available.

If you choose one or more of the casinos recommended by our platform, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • The chance to play Bigger Bass Bonanza and other top-rated, high-RTP online slots by well-known game developers;
  • Free play in demo mode to practise or simply to have fun when you don’t feel like paying for spins;
  • Exclusive deposit bonuses and free spins offers by our partnered casinos;
  • Maximum convenience through a variety of payment methods in each casino;
  • Added security by playing in the trustworthy, licensed casinos we have vetted in advance;
  • 24/7 customer support at each casino to handle all of your questions or concerns.

Tip and Tricks for Playing Bigger Bass Bonanza

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you? As we mentioned above, there are a few bits of advice our expert team is eager to share with you. Keep these in mind if you want to find out how to best use the fantastic bonuses we can give you or snatch more free spins in your favourite slots!

Play the Demo

The game’s demo allows you to enjoy Bigger Bass Bonanza in free play mode. No deposits, no bets - just pure fun! If you want to see just how awesome the game is and play it without using any real money, the demo is perfect for you. The only downside is that you can’t score any big wins this way. Well, you can - but they will essentially be worth as much as Monopoly money.

Still, the demo is available for free at the top of this page. Go check it out if you want to see what infinite free spins look and feel like! It’ll give you a clearer idea if Bigger Bass Bonanza is the online slot for you. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed!

Learn the Rules

Sometimes booting up a game and playing it right away can be an incredible thrill. We get it - it’s fun figuring stuff out as you go. But if you want to make the most of your deposit, we recommend learning how the game works in advance.

To do this, you can use the handy Bigger Bass Bonanza payout table we’ve included above. Alternatively, you can play through the demo for some time to get a feel for the game and the multiplier symbols.

Whether you go for free play in demo mode or you just study the multiplier table, once you master the game, you’ll be unstoppable!

Use More Bonuses

Did you know that the bonuses we advertise reset? That’s right! Our platform is always scanning for the latest, hottest offers and free spins bonuses on the Internet. That’s why if you visit our site at different times, we may show you different bonuses.

Okay, but how does that help you? Well, we fully encourage you to test and combine various bonuses as you play. If you used up all of your free spins, for example, come back, look for other offers, and claim a new bonus. Easy-peasy!

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one bonus or one casino. The online gambling sector has so much to offer - and so do we! So, keep checking for new deals daily, and you’re bound to find new ways to stretch that deposit to keep playing Bigger Bass Bonanza for real money.

Set Goals and Stick to Them

Claiming wins and free spins and enjoying the fun graphics and game setup, players can easily lose track of time in online casinos. To encourage more responsible play, we recommend that you set some goals and limits for yourself in advance.

For example, you can decide on a maximum budget you’d be willing to spend on paid spins early on. Alternatively, you can also use a simple timer or alarm to remind you not to play for too long. These two simple tips can help you control the gambling experience and prevent it from becoming compulsive.

If you want to keep playing but notice you’ve exceeded your budget, remember that you can always use the demo for free. Simply scroll up to the top of this page to start playing!

How Effective Are These Strategies?

The tips we mentioned above are great for creating a healthy betting environment. They can help you enjoy online slot games and aim closer to those big wins while also keeping your gambling in check.

As we already mentioned, slots are random - they use RNG software to ensure fair odds for all players. So, if you are looking for a strategy on how to secure a certain win, you won’t find them. It’s a game of chance, and that’s the beauty of it!

Still, the tips and tricks we shared can make your gambling experience safer and more enjoyable. Don’t forget to regularly come back to our platform to look for new bonuses and limited deals. Even if you’ve already claimed a deposit bonus or free spins through our site, you’re still eligible to claim new offers all the time!

Ready to start playing? Click the button to see what exclusive deals we have ready for you today!

Big Wins in the Bigger Bass Bonanza Slot

Maurizio De Luca, Radim Polášek, and the Team They Lead

Our company is built and run by a motley crew of experts, each with unique backgrounds and skills, united by their love for casino games. Some of us are marketing professionals or web developers, but we are all equally fascinated by the thrill of an unexpected win. Hitting that jackpot when you least expect it - magical! We want more people to have access to this exhilarating experience, which is why we built our platform in the first place. With us, you can discover high-quality casinos and exclusive offers, so you, too, can feel the rush of a big win!

Maurizio De Luca

Maurizio De Luca

Maurizio is a software developer by training and a casino enthusiast at heart. Over the course of his 15+ year career, he has tested hundreds of games and played in thousands of casinos. We recruited him to help us sift through the pros and cons of online casinos and help spot the most fascinating titles around. If you’re looking for a recommendation for a reputable casino or a game that’s super fun and has a high win potential, Maurizio can certainly give you some pointers!

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Radim is a casino aficionado who has built his career and skills by working in numerous establishments in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. His insider knowledge of casinos’ inner workings helps him quickly sift through companies to find the ones that are trustworthy, yet have the most appealing offers on hand. In other words, he knows a good deal when he sees it, and he’s excellent at spotting potential scams. We’re glad to have him on our team where he can share his secrets with the betting community.

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Important! Remember To Play Responsibly!

Bigger Bass Bonanza and other online slots developed by Pragmatic Play or different companies are a ton of fun. Playing them may make you lose track of time or the amount of money you are spending in the casino. Winning may feel so good that it may lead to addiction-like behaviour where you crave win after win, regardless of your actual experience with the game. Though planning ahead and setting restrictions for yourself are important strategies for proper gambling hygiene, some individuals find that they struggle to keep to those limits. If you think you might be struggling with gambling disorder or want to learn more about this condition, visit Gamble Aware or Help Guide to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we've answered people's most pressing questions about Bigger Bass Bonanza.

Is Bigger Bass Bonanza Good?

Of course it is! As a slot game developed by Pragmatic Play, Bigger Bass Bonanza has everything you’re craving - and more! It’s a super enjoyable game with upgraded graphics and soundtrack compared to the original Big Bass Bonanza slot. Moreover, it has even more valuable money rewards (fish symbols) and a higher RTP to help you get closer to those big wins you’ve been dreaming of!

What Are Free Spins on Bigger Bass Bonanza?

Free spins are essentially bonus rounds of the game where you can keep playing without using your deposit. In other words, they are a great way for players to increase their winnings. Due to the mechanics of the Bigger Bass Bonanza slot, you can actually win free spins on a regular turn if you land on enough Scatter symbols. How cool is that? Otherwise, you can also claim extra free spins by using our platform. Simply click on any of the buttons on our homepage to see the offers available right now.

How Do You Play Bigger Bass Bonanza?

Playing the Bigger Bass Bonanza online slot is quite easy. All you need to do in the game is press the spin symbol. This will make the five reels spin and stop at a random selection of symbols. If you get enough symbols to repeat, the game will automatically record your win. Some combos, such as the Scatter symbols, may trigger additional free spins so you can keep playing without paying more. You can also claim extra free spins and other bonuses using our website.

Where Can I Play Bigger Bass Bonanza?

You can play this popular online slot game in any of the online casinos we recommend on our website. Our team has ensured that we work only with licensed, reputable casinos that follow gambling regulations and pay players their winnings on time. To find the online casino of your dreams, simply click on any of the buttons you see on our site. We’ll also get you some fantastic time-limited bonuses to help make your gambling even more fun!

What Is the Highest RTP on Bigger Bass Bonanza?

Similar to other online slots games, the RTP on Bigger Bass Bonanza may vary slightly, though it stays around 96.5% on average. The highest reported RTP of this slot is 96.71%.

Are Free Spins Worth It?

Umm, is free money worth it? Absolutely! Free spins allow you to keep playing the game without touching your deposit. Anything you win during the free spins round is still real money that counts! Plus, you can unlock the wild symbols only during the free spins round. Many players thrive off of free spins, which is why we constantly seek more of this type of bonus to give to our users. You can claim yours today, too!