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Welcome to biggerbassbonanza.org, a safe haven for fans of casino games from all over the world. If you're on a quest to find safe and legitimate online casinos, you have come to the right place!

Our dedicated team is set on bringing you exciting new casinos that won't pose a risk to your hard-earned money and personal information. We are dedicated to offering a cutting-edge platform that connects players to a phenomenal gaming experience while keeping their safety in mind.

Why Pick Us

We are adamant about creating a website for casino fans where they can feel at home, discover trusty sites and have a stress-free betting experience. In order to achieve this, we prioritise security and legitimacy. Moreover, we aim for abundance, so we can tailor to our community's various interests, preferences and needs.

Enjoy the unrivalled satisfaction of immaculate gaming, mouth-watering bonuses, and an unparalleled commitment to perfection! We're here to transform your casino experience and provide you with incredible, above-and-beyond casino recommendations.


Our Motto and Beliefs

We select websites that comply with international casino gaming standards for your peace of mind. All casinos we select have legitimate and active gambling licences and amazing bonuses to kickstart your casino journey. The result is the ultimate gambling experience of your dreams!

Of course, we don't just recommend casinos - we also look at the top promotional offers online to help you discover top-tier bonuses. Are you looking to strike a spinning success with a free spins bonus? Or do you want to double your money with a deposit match offer? You might just be looking for the best deals to supercharge your betting style. Whatever your choice, we've got your back!

Moreover, let's show you exactly how we can help through our website and services:


Legal and Secure

Did we mention that we prioritise safety and security? We have high standards for the casinos we pick. Each brand must be transparent, fair and safe. That way, players can leave our site and join another with confidence. We explain in detail how we select the casinos to present to you in just a few sections.



In today's fast-paced world, no one has the time (or patience) for laggy platforms. Moreover, it's rare that we get a spare hour to spend in front of a PC, so for many mobile accessibility is a must. That's why we strive to select casinos that offer mobile apps and mobile browser access. Last but not least, a great user experience is also a must. Websites bursting with ads are a no-go for us.


Reactive Customer Support

Many brands boast about having excellent user support, but often when you test it, it takes ages to receive a response. While it's normal for customer care staff to need time to reply, radio silence can drive people crazy. That's why we pick casinos that offer multiple support channels, including a chatbot, email and, in some cases, a phone line.

Our Selection Criteria for Trusty Online Casinos

In order to keep our readers happy and coming back for more, we are committed to several standards. These standards are the backbone of our review process and the reason for our success among users.

Once a casino checks off all of our boxes, we include them in our recommendation lists. We don't make compromises in terms of quality and would rather refuse an endorsement than include sites with questionable backgrounds.

Our Criteria

As promised, we want to further explain our selection process. That way, you can know for certain that the selected casinos are the reputable sites we promise. Once we've found a solid match, we let the casino speak for itself. To help you understand our approach, we have listed our review steps below:

Step 1. We Discover the Online Casino

Our marketing team keeps their eyes peeled for new and emerging sites all the time. When they see a site with potential or one that has already boomed among players, they bring it forward to our evaluation team. From there, they run it through the necessary checks and take it to the next step. Sometimes, we also get contacted by casinos that wish to be part of our website. They, too, go through the same evaluation found below.

Once our team receives a new casino, they begin investigating if it's legitimate and regulated. All this information is public knowledge (and something you can also check if you wish). In fact, if a website has refused to share this information, it is likely illegitimate. Here is the checklist our team goes through to ensure we bring you only the best of the best:

  • The online casino holds an active gambling licence (linked somewhere on their website).
  • One of the official gambling regulators governs the website.
  • The website has undergone QA checks by third-party testers.
  • The brand complies with responsible gambling rules and provides resources for its members.
  • Underaged gambling is banned, and the platform clearly states so.

If the casino has ticked all these boxes, then we are certain that it is safe to visit. Next, we keep searching for the rest of the essential features.

Step 2. We Review the Game Library and Bonuses

Assessing a casino's legitimacy is only the first step. From there, we take a look at its games and promotions. While some casinos boast to have thousands of games, this often means you'll stumble upon anything in their game library. This includes games with low RTPs and dated software. We tend to pick casinos that value quality over quantity. Even if all they have is 700 games.

Additionally, we take a look at the available promos, both for new entrants and lasting members. If the Terms and Conditions don't contain anything dodgy and the bonuses seem promising, we have nearly completed our work.

Step 3. Is It Trustworthy?

Even with the best offers available, if a casino is not properly licensed, we'll never consider partnering with it. We want our customers to be safe. That means we only ever work with regulated casinos and keep scams at bay.

Maurizio De Luca, Radim Polášek, and the Team They Lead

Our company brings together a long list of experts from various fields. Some of our team members have backgrounds in software development, marketing, journalism, finance, and game development. Nevertheless, we all share an interest in the dynamic online casino landscape. We are united in our mission to help people find the most optimal betting conditions and have a safe, enjoyable experience.

Maurizio De Luca

Maurizio De Luca

From a leading software engineer to a dedicated casino game reviewer, Maurizio is an essential part of our team. He brings over 15 years of experience building and understanding software, and also playing tons and tons of games. He knows how to have fun, but he also has a sharp eye for how things should work on a technical level. Thus, he’s great at identifying what the best casino games are, and, as a seasoned player, knows which casinos have the best offers.

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Radim Polášek

Radim Polášek is our ‘inside man’ ,having worked at many casinos in the United States, especially the Meccas of gambling - Atlantic City and Las Vegas. He applies his comprehensive industry knowledge to his evaluation of online casinos. He’s seen it all and can spot a great deal (or a scam) a mile away. That’s why his input in our casino reviews is invaluable.

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Radim Polášek